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Why We Choose to be a Coop

What makes us unique is we are a team of people led by member owners. First and foremost valuing people, encouraging their best efforts, and bringing mutual benefits through common goals.

Crafting a Mission that Matters

To provide an equitable work environment facilitating personal growth, quality of life and community. 

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Crucible's Leaders

Meet our leaders who keep our vision intact and build our co-op so we can better serve our mission and community building efforts.


Tyson Holland


Originally from Lewistown, Montana, Crucible president Tyson Holland has always been passionate about art, design and entrepreneurship. During his time at University of Montana Western, Tyson expanded his expertise and skills studying graphic design and glassblowing. In subsequent years, he gained experience in the construction and welding fields, giving him the skills to physically create his artistic inspirations.

After working for various organizations and going through other business ventures, Tyson had a need to start anew. Focusing on people, their inherent value and the power of a common goal.

Philip Munson


Philip was born and raised in Anaconda, Montana. Although he realized early on that college was not for him, he began pursuing an Engineering degree because he was most interested in building and making things. After realizing that working in an office was not for him, Phil switched gears to carpentry and welding and joined the workforce. While working in the building industry, he discovered his true talents were really with people and communication.


Over the years, Phil noticed where companies were lacking and began to dream up what his own company could look like. It wasn't until he put his head together with Tyson that the ideas and desires clicked, which is why the core of Crucible is focused on our people; our employees, clients and each other.


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